Due to the current recommendations with regards to Covid-19, the suggested potential human to bat transmission of the virus which is currently under investigation by a research group and recommendations from the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) the Advanced Bat Survey Techniques course will not be running in 2020 in order to minimise any potential risks to bats from the virus.

We hope that the course will return in 2021, please email with an expression of interest for further information once available.


Advanced Bat Survey Techniques

We offer participants the opportunity to assist with our research by running training courses specifically targeted in areas where research projects are being undertaken.

These courses are generally run over six days and five nights, and cover an array of advanced bat survey techniques including:

  • harp trapping
  • mist netting
  • use of acoustic lures
  • radio telemetry equipment
  • radio-tracking
  • use of infra-red cameras and lamps
  • marking techniques