Lead by some of the UK’s most experienced bat workers, BatCRU was founded to improve the conservation status of bats in the UK through research, education, and habitat improvement.

Working alongside organisations such as Natural England and the Bat Conservation Trust, BatCRU will feed research into working practice guidelines in order to ensure industry knowledge is maintained to a high standard.

Who are we?

Daniel Whitby

Daniel is the director of AEWC Ltd and founder of the Bat Conservation and Research Unit, a professional ecologist for over 10 years and was instrumental in the development and field trials of the Sussex autobat. Daniel has radio tagged all 17
UK species and has expert knowledge of a wide range of species notably Barbastelles, Bechsteins, Grey long-eareds and Alcathoe. Daniel provides training and advice to many organisations including
Natural England and the Bat Conservation Trust.
Email. daniel@aewc.co.uk Tel. 07764 813002

Steve and Fiona Parker

Steve and Fee are very active voluntary bat workers. They help lead the South Lancashire Bat Group and have vast experience in training, leading and organising bat surveys, walks, talks and bat care. In recognition of their contribution to bat conservation they were joint winners of the Pete Guest Award in 2018. They have worked on projects oversees including Trinidad, Zambia, Thailand, Panama and Poland. Steve was a BCT Trustee, nominated by bat groups for a full 9 year term.

Daniel Hargreaves

Daniel has been fascinated with bats since a young age and has travelled extensively working with many different species around the World. Daniel has
experience of a wide range of survey methods and conservation techniques. In 2012 he was awarded the Pete Guest award by the Bat Conservation Trust for
outstanding voluntary  contribution to bat conservation. Daniel has a keen interest in night vision filming and spends hours documenting bat behaviour.
Email. daniel@batdan.co.uk Tel. 07786 546800