New Sussex Barbastelle Colony – August 2015

11850699_1662988050579673_7303071021404319445_oGreat night tonight, we had only one volunteer come out to give us a hand with the work, but, we have found a new Barbastelle maternity colony in Sussex. There are at least 58 individuals although some of the smaller juveniles are still staying in the roost. We caught 29 emerge which were all quickly processed, ringed and released. It has been a difficult colony to find, a number of nights trapping for the right females to tag and nights of tracking to follow her back to the roost in a difficult landscape, a big thanks to our South Downs Barbastelle officer Sean Shereston for all the hours, long nights and hard work he has put in to find this. If anyone wants to come and give us a hand we still have bats tagged and another new one where we haven’t found the roost!!