Costa Rica 2020

The CRU spent a brilliant couple of weeks spent in Costa Rica at the beginning of 2020, during which 53 bat species were seen in some amazing places. Dan H, Steve and Fee started the week with Northern Ghost bats (Diclidurus albus) before joining Fiona Reid‘s bat bioblitz at Sylvan […]

Hampshire Small Myotis Project

Kelly Jones, Hampshire Bat Group After attending the BatCRU advanced licence bat survey techniques training Daniel W was apparently confident in my abilities (I had access to traps) and asked if I would get the small myotis project up and running in Hampshire. Initially, Nik Knight had some woodland sites […]

Slindon – Advanced Bat Survey Techniques August 2018

Diary of the annual Bat CRU Advanced Survey Training course on the South Downs August 2018 Target species this year are Alcathoe’s bat where we are aiming to locate a colony which we know is around from previous captures in the location, and Barbastelle bat in a location one was […]

Trinibats 2016 – Intro & Vampyrum spectrum

We were fortunate to be invited along to help with the ongoing research in Trinidad, coordinated by the Trinibats team Geoffrey Gomes and Daniel Hargreaves. We were also very lucky to have Merlin Tuttle and his team from Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation join us on the trip; Merlin openly shared his vast knowledge and experience […]

Slindon Woods Barbastelle Boxes

03/03/2016 Today we teamed up with Mark Wardle, the Head Ranger at the National Trust in Slindon, to put up thirty bat boxes in Slindon woods which is home to a barbastelle colony that is subject to an ongoing study. The study has so far identified a number of maternity roost trees […]

March 2016 Update

2015 was a busy year, and things haven’t really slowed down for us. We didn’t keep the website as up-to-date as we’d have liked, but we did manage to stay in touch with our followers on Facebook for the most part. The website has recently had a minor overhaul, and […]

New Sussex Barbastelle Colony – August 2015

Great night tonight, we had only one volunteer come out to give us a hand with the work, but, we have found a new Barbastelle maternity colony in Sussex. There are at least 58 individuals although some of the smaller juveniles are still staying in the roost. We caught 29 […]

Barbastelle in houses…

Here is one of our tagged Barbastelle bats we have been tracking roosting under a tile. Thanks to Xenia Snowman for the photo and helping with the project, if anyone wants to come and see some Barbs and help with the project we have a basecamp available all next week. […]


No Barbs in the catch tonight, but amongst what we did catch was an impressive 12 Alcathoe at one site, the most common bat caught!

Sussex Barbastelle Trapping – 4th to 10th May 2015

We are arranging a week of trapping at the beginning of May in order to gather as much data as possible before the maternity season begins for this year.  The information gathered from this session will feed into the West Sussex Bat Project. The National Trust have offered us the Slindon Basecamp to […]